The Food Issue

Food is an important aspect of our trip. We like to eat. We have young children with us and a household with full bellies is a contented household. The converse is also true: empty stomachs can send the anxiety level through the roof. This post is about how we’re keeping our bellies full.

Our house has a kitchen and we get our food from the local market.

image  image

We can get all the typical fresh vegetables we like.


Rice abounds: it’s everywhere. Noodles too, particularly the instant ramen variety.

The fruit is delicious. We’re enjoying mangosteen, passion fruit, dragon fruit, durian, rambutan and tasty little bananas.

image image image
There is something really reassuring about making our own food, rather than having to order it from restaurants. We’ve learned how to make a vegetable noodle soup that the girls can’t get enough of. A mild chickpea, tomato, potato stew in a coconut broth served with rice is quickly becoming a staple. The local baker sends fresh baguettes to the guest house every morning that the girls pick up on their bikes at 7am. This food is quite mild, using few spices and relying mostly on the flavors of the vegetables for taste.

Kampot is famous for its black pepper. Yesterday we visited a pepper plantation and tasted the fiery peppercorns. Kampot produces black, red and white pepper. The peppercorns grow like vines on wooden stakes, approximately nine feet tall at this plantation.

The stakes are lined up in rows. image

This vine has small peppercorn clusters growing on it.  image

The pepper itself is very fragrant, with citrus and herbal tones. And when crunched in the mouth the distinct smell of pepper fills the nose while a pleasant burn settles into the mouth and down the throat. We also tried green peppercorns, fresh from the vine. I was tempted to pop them like candy.


4 thoughts on “The Food Issue

  1. Hi everyone. It is almost 5 am here and I am awake too early! 😕 However , reading about all the food you are eating is making me hungry!!!! Food is such a good way to get to know a country and its people. Bob and I are off to Turkey next week for a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to trying their food. Big hugs, Mp

    Mary Pat Armstrong Sent from my iPhone



  2. Yum…. I could almost imagine the peppercorns! What do you guys think of Durian? I’ve only tried it once (but frozen from the grocery store) after buying it to photograph. I’m curious what it tastes like fresh?


  3. Nigel,
    Eat, drink and be merry…there’s plenty of time to work off the ride weight next season.
    Durian is only tasty to those who eat it. Otherwise…


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