More Flooding

We’re fine but what a night!

It felt like the wind would topple the house.  Rain blew horizontally into the house through the screens, soaking books and clothes. By the morning the water had risen another two feet and the electricity is out.

We grabbed breakfast, preparing food for Om Rien (he slept with his dogs tucked under his arms). He guided us into les manguiers and we took a boat ride into Kampot. The streets are flooded here but it’s business  as usual.

We made a quick trip to the market to stock up on food and a treat at the local espresso joint. IMG_20150916_120331

We’ll head back to the house shortly. Waters should recede soon, we hope.


4 thoughts on “More Flooding

  1. Great pic……stay dry and safe……..and enjoy nature!!! ?????? and its power………gulp. When this is over , it might be the next “science lesson”………:-) hugs, Mp

    Mary Pat Armstrong 95A Roxborough St. E. Toronto, ON, M4W 1V9 416-922-4812


  2. What an adventure! What a way to learn and experience the vulnerability to climate, mother nature’s powerful ways and the resilience and creativity with which so much of the world lives. Character building! Brave girls and mama and papa! Take good care. Xo


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