The Flood Issue

Boy oh boy! Overnight we went from thinking about peppers and food to precipitation and flooding.

On Monday evening local time, tropical storm Vamcoe made landfall in Vietnam south of Da Nang, bringing 305mm of rain and 70km winds. Today is Wednesday and we woke to heavy winds after a night of thunder and lightning and rain. As I was cooking breakfast I saw the Kampot River jump its banks and flood the field surrounding our house. We have never seen so much water.

Om Rien, the fellow who manages the grounds (along with his four dogs), has come and gone from our place all day. His dogs duly follow him.

image  They’re good swimmers, when they’re not hanging out under the building.

Our house is built on stilts that stick out of a big concrete pad, 40 cm above the ground. One fact that I was not aware of is how many critters congregate on whatever dry patch of land they can find during a flood. Ants are everywhere.

The frog and the dog coexist quite comfortably.

image  image

I grabbed a couple of kayaks that we’ve used to reconnoitre the property.


Les Manguiers is flooded.

image The reception area is sitting under 10 cm of water. We walked through the property and discovered that if we strayed from the brick pathway, we would sink into mud and risked losing our flip flops!

The road to Kampot is also flooded.

image Some cars and motos were braving the road but for the most part the highway is deserted.

We have stayed mostly indoors. Class was held at our dinner table rather than our usual location by the river. It is still super windy and we have battened down the hatches; locking all the windows. Fortunately for us we have food for a couple of days and stocked up on some books from the local bookstore. This, in addition to our Toronto Public Library access, will keep us in good shape.

No idea of what the flood conditions are like in Kampot. We’ll hope for the best and see tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “The Flood Issue

  1. Wow, amazing how weather can change on a dime. Stay dry! We are having a beautiful warm last gasp of summer here in Toronto…. warm sunny days and cool evenings.


  2. Hi Louise – sounds like you are already having the experience of a life time! Glad you and family have weathered the storm! Best – Scott


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