After The Flood

This morning we were greeted by a different thundering sound: that of the fishing boats returning to their homes upriver.  The boats have been absent the last few days and it’s good to hear them again. The soundscape also included what sounded like water gurgling down a big drainpipe. The mighty Kampot River is back to its normal level and the remaining puddles are sinking into the earth.

To get a sense of water levels, here are two shots of the platform below our house:

image image

And here are the fields surrounding our place:

image image

The roads are clear, and we’re back on our bikes. We’re enjoying simple pleasures such as feeling dry ground underfoot, taking in the green grass and we even went for a run.


3 thoughts on “After The Flood

  1. Good to hear! My impression as I read Erica’s blog was that all was either bone dry or soggy wet! Not flooded like you have just experienced but still very wet. We are just heading north. Stayed in town last night and took Jenny and Annie Conrod to base ball game ( both are keen fans). Jays won 6-1. Having an amazing season. In #1 place. Hugs, Mp

    Mary Pat Armstrong Sent from my iPhone



  2. Wow, that was a dramatic introduction to life along the river in Cambodia! So glad that you are back on your bicycles again and wiggling your toes in the grass. Hopefully, Mother Nature will calm down now and let Kampot return to her daily rhythms.
    Love to chat with you at some point. Maybe next weekend when Nick & Michelle are with us.


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