Visiting Vy’s Place

Vy works at the reception at Les Manguiers. She’s one of the first people we met when we arrived here. Yesterday, in coversation with Louise, she invited us to visit her house for a family celebration. It was very thoughtful of her.

Here’s a shot of Vy’s house:


The flood last week affected this area; you can see the water mark on the side of the house here:


Vy is married to Try. They have a six-month old son named Huan-Chai.


The cause of the celebration was Try’s deceased grandfather’s birthday. To honor the grandfather, the family made offerings to a small shrine in front of the house and had a feast. Try’s mom was there (she is approximately 90 years old), along with brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and cousins from both side of the family; all in about 25 people.

The shrine at the front of the house:


The feast, prepared entirely by Try:


Vy’s family has a lot of fruit trees around the house. She took us for a little tour; durian, mangosteen and rambutan are most prevalent. Interestingly, most fruit is harvested from May to July. When Try harvests the fruit, he sells directly to a wholesaler who then handles the distribution. Outside of that window of time, Cambodia imports most of the fruit that we see in the markets.

This is a rambutan tree:


Here’s a mangosteen tree:


There was also a ton of banana plants, a single papaya tree and passion fruit (currently in season):


Vy’s sister used to be the chef at Les Manguiers and she joined the group and cooked a vegetarian feast for us.

We all feel very fortunate to have been included.



3 thoughts on “Visiting Vy’s Place

  1. Sounds like just the community-based experience you were hoping to encounter – wonderful 🙂 Also love the pic of Huan-Chai – Elora and him would be buds! Big hugs!


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