Animals in and around Kampot


We’re noticing lots of animals in and around Kampot. A few of them live with us in our house – some of them even in our beds! – and others prefer to live in the wild.

A local frog
A local frog

Every evening when we come back from the Guest House, we see a foot-long lizard and, sometimes, there are some smaller lizards beside him. “Mr. Enormous Lizard” has red spots all over his body and creepy yellow cat eyes. He usually hangs out at the lightbulb above our front door. The light attracts lots and lots of insects for him to feast on for dinner. During the day, he moves inside our house and keeps an eye on us in “reading nook.”

Foot-long red speckled lizard!
Foot-long red speckled lizard!

At night, we sleep under mosquito nets, but there are still ants/beetles/spiders and other critters that manage to sneak in under the net.

Some creepy-crawlies around our house!!
Some creepy-crawlies around our house!!

Our favourite animals in our bungalow are geckos. They are so funny! Whenever we see them, they freeze…for a moment….and then, they disappear into small hiding places.

A gecko I managed to take a picture of!!
A gecko I managed to take a picture of!!

At the Guest House there are four rabbits; three older rabbits that live together and one younger one that lives in its own cage. We get to feed them fresh greens and we sometimes go in and pet them. But, they’re a bit unpredictable.

And, then there are dogs. About 10 dogs at Les Manguiers alone. There are four dogs that live under our bungalow on stilts. The rest roam around freely. They make us miss our dog quite a lot.

Three of the dogs and Om Rien
Three of the dogs and Om Rien

We have also seen lots of cows. The cows in this area are white and they are so common that Les Manguiers even has one. The cows are quite skinny compared to the cows we see in Ontario.

Most mornings we are woken up by roosters (and the sound of fishing boats returning from a night at sea). The roosters are really loud. They also run across the street and scare us a bit when we’re out biking.

When we’re out biking, we usually see water buffalos in the fields after a big downpour. They are very large creatures.

Sometimes we go to places (like a Pepper Farm or the local Market) where we see really cute kittens. Our favourite kitten is a little, delicate white kitten with orangey-brown spots on it.

Our favourite kitten
Our favourite kitten

The most unusual thing we’ve seen so far is a goldfish swimming on our bike path during the second day of the tropical storm.

Sometimes, when it’s really quiet in the house at night, we find spiders that are the size of our hands. Our dad tries shooing them away with a broom stick.

There are lots of animals and we appreciate having (most of them) around (not lizards, spiders, etc.).

Thanks for all the comments on our last post. We hope you’ll write again.


5 thoughts on “Animals in and around Kampot

  1. Great post girls! Your writing is very clear and descriptive – I could see all that you were describing in my mind’s eye πŸ™‚ It made for a nice mini “mental vacation” as it is starting to get chilly and rainy here at home… I look forward to hearing more about the creatures that you encounter as you continue to travel! Also, Fin and Eric say hi πŸ™‚


  2. Hi Ida & Saga, that was a great blog post but it made me want to go check my bed for bugs! I agree that geckos are the most fun critters and they eat mosquitoes which helps. I am not sure about Mr. Enormous Lizard. He is a bit creepy but probably very sweet.
    I am glad you have some puppy dogs around to remind you of Sigurd. Thanks for your post and photos.
    Keep it up!
    Squeak & Dick


    1. Lovely story! We shall show it to Zac and Simon when we are in New Jersey next week.
      Night night
      Sleep tight
      Don’t let the bugs bite
      If they bite squeeze them tight
      Night night!


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