Ida and Nigel’s Post: Name that fruit

We just returned from the market. One of the nice things about going there is that we can try new things, like fruit. Since we don’t speak Khmer, we can’t really ask any questions about what we’re looking at.

Today for instance, there there were piles of this fruit. We have no idea what it is.

Here is a picture of the mystery fruit: one is peeled, one is not.

It’s delicious. Sweet, juicy, sour, a bit bitter. And it contains a big pit.
We’d like to know if you guys know what this fruit is. If you can help, would you please tell us in the comment section?


4 thoughts on “Ida and Nigel’s Post: Name that fruit

  1. Well I was curious to know the answer and there seems to be consensus even with different spellings! Sounds like you are having a eating adventure as well as a travel adventure. Fall is settling in here in Toronto with lovely crisp mornings! Keep the posts coming – I love reading them on my way to work in the morning.


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