Ida’s Post: Ta Phrom Wat at Siem Reap

We arrived at Siem Reap yesterday and will spend three days visiting the ruins and other sites.

Our first visit was to the Ta Prohm Temple, otherwise knows as the Jungle Temple becuase there are huge trees and their roots surrounding the rocks of the temple.

Here’s a picture of the temple from the outside. The temple is more than a thousand years old. It survvived the war (Khmer Rouge). Notice how big the trees are and that there is a tree growing sideways from the top of the temple.

Here are some close up pictures of the trees and the rocks.  Think Nature Gone Wild.


There  were narrow corridors that we could walk through.

And the stone was made of seomthing my parents describe as a porous rock.

Some of the walls and buildings have been knocked down over the years. Someone is putting the stones back together and we think that every rock is numbered in a gigantic jigsaw puzzle.

It is a beautiful place. Different than anything we’ve ever seen.


5 thoughts on “Ida’s Post: Ta Phrom Wat at Siem Reap

  1. Lovely!
    I think its to interesting to see the different layers of human and natural overlapping – like the metal post holding up an archway under a set of tree roots (modern day, under historical under natural) and the telephone or electric wire bringing in modern day presence to this wild place, or the numbers left by modern day humans making sense of the jumble that nature has made of ancient buildings! Well described and lovely photos 🙂


  2. Hi Ida! Your description of the Jungle Temple is terrific. Bob and I were there about 10 years ago and your description and photos mirror our memory. Quite weird looking!Lord of the Rings could have had a scene or two there! 😃 We have 1 day left in Istanbul and then we are back to Toronto and Caledon for Thanksgiving. Hugs to everyone, Mp

    Mary Pat Armstrong Sent from my iPhone



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