Eye Candy (Part 2)

Five months into this trip, there is a number of photographs that we like but that haven’t made it into any blog posts. Here are some more.

Rickshaws loom large in India.


We like this one of Saga in the cyanotype print studio.


This is a night shot from the hotel I stayed at in Goa during the International Spice Conference. It was dark out but there was enough ambient light to get this (shutter speed ~15s, f 2.0).  We’re going to Goa at the end of February. 


We’re staying at an Airbnb arrangement in Jaipur and the bottom two floors of the house are used for a school. Last week all grades participated in a dance competition. This boy danced in the classical Rajasthani style. Very elegant.



3 thoughts on “Eye Candy (Part 2)

  1. Love seeing all the pictures. Your night shot and the dancer are especially beautiful. Mp

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