Department of Facial Hair

Lip rug. Flavour saver. Soup strainer. Snot mop. Mouth brow. Call them what you like – we’ve seen a lot of moustaches in India. Below is a selection of some of our favourites. In the comment section, we invite you to vote for the one you like the best and leave a name for your preferred moustache.

Number 1
Number 2


Number 3


Number 4


Number 5


Number 6


Number 7


Number 8


Number 9


 Number 10

 Number 11

Number 12

India ranks in the 10 most moustache dense countries in the world and pogonologists (students of facial hair) have long found it to be a fertile land for research. The moustache, especially in the south, is seen as a sign of virility. Here in Jaipur, Ram Singh Chauman claims to have one of the world’s longest mustaches, measuring a staggering 12 1/2 feet (over 4 meters). He’s been growing it since the 1970s.

The World Beard and Moustache Championships judge moustaches in six categories: the Natural, Dali, English, Imperial, Hungarian and Freestyle moustache. For competition, each category is given a complete description. The English moustache is described thus: Slender. The hairs extend outward from the middle of the upper lip. The tips may be slightly raised. Hairs growing from beyond the corner of the mouth must be shaved. Styling aids permitted.

But the moustache market is changing in India. An AC Nielsen survey conducted in eight major cities in 2009 revealed 83% of Chennai women said that they were more likely to kiss a clean shaven man. Approximately 72% Mumbai women felt the same way. There’s no indication of when a follow up survey will take place. While we wait for the next survey, we’ll tally your responses and report back.


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