Ida’s Post: Parasailing and Running

Today is my dad’s birthday. We woke up and had croissants for breakfast and oatmeal with cardamom and golden raisins. At 9 o’clock we went to the beach to go parasailing. When we arrived, we had to wait half an hour for the big boat to arrive. We got into a little boat that took us out to the big boat. The waves were huge and we crashed through them. It was crazy!

When we got out to the big boat we got on it and me and my dad went first. We climbed the stairs onto what looked like a helicopter landing pad. We were strapped into harnesses and clipped onto the parachutes’ lines. And then we took off. Taking off was the funnest part. It was like a plane – we started kind of slow and then we just shot up. We circled a couple of times and then were pulled down. In total it was probably about ten minutes. And then it was Mor and Saga’s turn.

We didn’t bring a camera because we were in water. So we don’t have any pictures.

[This is not my dad’s picture, but you get the idea]

Last week in Jaipur there was a six km race that Mor ran. It was associated with the half marathon. While  Mor ran we handed out water. Lots of people wanted to take our picture. We were in the local newspaper. I have no idea what it means, but here is our picture.

And here is Mor at the finish line.

And here are some more shots that my dad took.

Me and my sister handing out water.

The race was really well put together. There was a ton of entertainment including a marching band.

And moustaches.


8 thoughts on “Ida’s Post: Parasailing and Running

  1. Ida – what a lovely blog for your dad’s birthday (happy birthday, Nigel!). I love reading about all the different things you and your family are seeing and experiencing. Looking forward to the next post. Christina


  2. Glad you had an uneventful parasail ride. Louise will recall that on our trip to St. Maartin last year, I took a parasail with my son and the rope detached from the boat and we crashed into the water. Glad there were no significant winds as who knows where we would have landed…..! Glad you are having a great trip!


  3. Ida this is so cool. You are now famous in the media no less! We miss you here-talked about all of you over dinner the other night as we listened to Paul/Sherrie, Emma/Jamie’s Reno plans Much love to you all xo

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