Saga’s Post: Highlights from our time in Goa

We’ve been in Goa for about 5 days and it’s been really fun. We have a really nice host and she used to be a famous Indian model (she’s also very pretty)! Yesterday at night we were having a fun time doing badminton and doing some hoollahooping (the hoolahoop was suuuper big)! As you see on the title this blog is about highlights in Goa. So let’s get started!

  1.  Parasailing: Parasailing was very very very fun (I would recomend doing it in India because it’s soooo cheap!)! There are 2 ways of doing (I think, or maybe it depends on the beach your on), first is you just stay up in the air and the second way is you can dip your feet in the water and then rise again and then it continues.
  2. The German bakery: We’ve probably been there 3 times in 4 days! Why? Because they have the best almonds cookies (my favourite!) and the best apple crumble (even I like it! I don’t usually like apple crumble.) We’re likely to visit it again today. That’s because we have a long train ride ahead of us. We leave tomorrow at 8 am and stay on the same train for 12 hours!
  3. Our host: Our host’s name is Shonali (she’s the one who used to be the model). She’s very sporty and loves cooking (perfect for us!)! Yesterday when she was cooking savery muffins I got to be the D.J and introduced some of my favourite music! My favourite band these days is First Aid Kit. The band is made up of two sisters from Sweden but you wooden guess becaus they speak perfect  English!
  4. Monopoly: You adults out there most likely know monopoly and maybe some of you kids. My mom (or was it my dad?) told me that they are changing the monopoly game so that in India for instance the money’s in rupees and the streets are Indian! Well, they have already changed the money (the bord that we play with has British streets but the money is in rupees! Cool, right?). It’s soooo fun!

4 thoughts on “Saga’s Post: Highlights from our time in Goa

  1. Hi Saga. Monopoly is one of our favourite games. We play it a lot with our grandkids. Next time we play I will tell them that it is now made in local geography and currency. That is a col fact, and good thinking on the part of the company. Lucky you…..I have never parasailed. Did you feel like a bird? 🙂 Mary Pat

    Mary Pat Armstrong 95A Roxborough St. E. Toronto, ON, M4W 1V9 416-922-4812


  2. Saga,that was an interesting mouth is watering for an almond cookie.Did you find out how to make them?Do they have a version of trivial pursuit in India? I do note that the busiest person I know has time to always post a comment.


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