On September 1 2015 we’re traveling to Cambodia and will journey through Asia and Southern Africa until mid- to late April 2016.

We’ll share pictures and impressions here while we travel.

Check back regularly and share your thoughts!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Your adventures are amazing, so happy to be able to see the beautiful photos. (scary about the flooding). Glad to see the girls smiling and enjoying Cambodia.


  2. Hi Nigel. Got an email with your profile update from LinkedIn so I thought I would check out what you were up to. Amazing adventure. Joel Finlayson (my husband who must know you from Dal) and I are based in Dubai so if you are traveling through, please ping us. We have a large guest bedroom and would love to hear about your travels. Best, Deb Beatty


  3. Hi Nigel and Loisa! I just got a Linked In update and found your blog. What an exciting adventure you are undertaking! I think about you both from time to time and I’m glad to see you are doing well. Ida and Saga are just precious. And I remember going to their baby shower…time does fly. We are starting our own adventure next month when we will be moving to London. Looking forward to checking in on your travels! Be well. Cameron


  4. Great interview on CBC Radio Metro Morning today. In the cold dark of dawn, hearing your adventures, and so damn proud of you taking this time to explore together. To the courageous goes the prize.


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